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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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that you must not say or1 write anything that
implicates the Society in your own beliefs. There
may be great difference of opinion in the Society
about any of these outside matters, and even about
the interior ones. We have many doctors in our
ranks many of whom must have performed vivisec-
tion of sorts, and may very likely have different ideas
with regard to it. We must not, therefore, thrust
our opinions upon them, nor give the impression that
our opinions, as announced, are those held by the
Society.  The Society holds no opinions, but its
individual members are perfectly free to hold whatever
opinions they choose. We have to be careful that we
do not involve the corporate body. I, myself, object
to the whole thing, and consider it useless as well as
horribly cruel. It is useless, because the vivisector
tries to judge what will happen to the man from what
happens to the animal—a very unsafe thing to do,
you know. It is evident that the constitution of the
animal will differ very nych from that of the man.
Take one example. You will find the goat, among
other miscellaneous food, will eat freely of henbane.
If you eat freely of henbane you will pass on to the
astral plane. It is not safe to conclude that a thing
that will work with an animal will work in the same
way with human beings. An animal under vivisection
is in frightful pain and that must change the fluids of
the body. I should think it very unsafe to risk
conclusions drawn from the reactions of animals in