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TWENTY-NINTH TALK          585

that condition and to* apply them to human beings.
The proper substitute for all this exceedingly unplea-
sant matter is, of 'course, clairvoyance. It is far
better for the doctor, if he can so see into the interior
economy of the living man, while the body is whole,
than it is to deduce certain things about it by cutting
into the living body of an animal, which differs from
that of the man. If they must vivisect, they would
do better to vivisect a human being, first obtaining
his consent,—if such a thing were likely to be given
(I should think it very improbable). But to take the
animal without its consent, and treat it like that,
cannot be the right thing to do. They say that
through this they have made discoveries that have
saved many hu&ian lives. I have heard our President
say that no lives ought to be saved by such methods
as that, and that the karma of so saving them is not
good but bad. It all comes from the sesthetical idea
that you must at all costs save the human life. It
has a good side :^ the ide^ of self-preservation is
implanted in every man as in every animal, in order
that in all ordinary circumstances the body which has
been taken by the ego at considerable cost and trouble,
may be made to last as long as possible. We who
are Theosophists know that death is by no means
the worst thing that may happen to man.   For-
tunately there are many thousands of men who
would facre death rather than dishonour, and
surely it is a dishonour that anyone should be