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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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saved'at the cost of such Alfferin^ a^ that* Our
President said that she would rather die til,in he
saved by anything whatever tifat had been obtained
in so diabolical a manner. That is n j )osition that
anyone may quite reasonably and justifiably take, if
h§ wishes to take it.

It is far better for the doctor to learn how to
become clairvoyant; and the pitiable thin^ about it
is, that the amount of trouble and the amount of
study and exertion which are put into all this research
would be quite enough to bring the1 average man to
clairvoyance- In Atlantis no man was allowed to
be a doctor unless he was clairvoyant, because it was
supposed that otherwise he could not see wh, it was
the matter. He could only deduce fi^um the exterior
appearance, which is quite likely to be misleading.
Furthermore there is a certain amount of danger in
the trend that our civilisation is taking just now. You
know that in the Middle Ages Europe was under the
domination of the Church. A mgn could not posses
his own opinions in piece and quietness^ but was
liable to be hauled up before casual tribunals and
examined about his opinions.  The Church made
every effort to force its particular view of things upon
other people—hence the Inquisition—honor all sort... of
horrors. It was a terrible business, tliat ^UIV(TV to
the Church. There is no slavery to tlie Church now,
but we are within measurable distance ol" .slavery to
the doctors, because already the arm of thu law is