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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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5^8   TM KS UN ** AT Til?-. FH'T uF TIU- MASTER t1

the-e ideas.   All the world* aeerpt^d thr i*astfur
theory*  I am told nnw that thru* {^ ht^hinin^ to he
a verv considerable dmibt uh(t}f<r it realh doe? :ill it
is supposed to clu : ^hrtluT ui MniK* r4^r.s il dnr^ not
pr<K5u<'e thi* ^"t*ry sunptun^ it is su|iNSi*d tiA cun\ I
hye not ^unt* into tlir di^tiuls of flu* tiling, 1 li.i^r Iiad
no opportunity to <Io so, Imt I haw hrrn .stut<nu'ntri
m^di* to that t^f^ct, tluit tJUT^ is ht^iimm;; tn I>c a
very great doubt ul>out it, that doctors iu i^>t
recc^ninu'lld it ^o frrt*ly as tlirv usrd t*i, aiul tliat
many people si^uk (jlut^ (^u'nly against it.  I knuw
that llKsrc vas a ^rcut ^ran* in India, ariMn^ fruin
tht* theory that nits brought pla^w.  Tiu^y killed
xnilli<ms <^f rats on thul l^ylH^ilu^sis^  ?su\v lliry h;ivr
di^coven'd tSiuf tlit* rats liavr nuthTn^ to ilu ^itit
it.   In flu* meantime tin* rats an* dt%'i<I,   It is,
{)crlia}s, not a very St'run't^ muttrr, hut dtn*t ^<tU sfi;

tl^al it might havu ln^n iu*u ? Oiu1 has to lir a littir
careful. Tlicy arc H) hiin\ :it tllit ni<ni<"nt, of r;irh
new idea, that before UH' idea lias had time to he
properly tested, it may have been forced upon unreal
number of innocent people to their great !us.s and
suffering. There is a certain danger in this kinci of
domination. There Ls a danger k\st wu become shm-s
to the scientific people in turn, as our forefathers
were slaves to the Chm'clL In many \\^y> the
scientific domination has done good.  It has enfom-d
hygiene in various ways^ and this ha^ unipu\-titu.ibly
done good. But it enforces sometimes one thin^ and