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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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people who arc a danger to the'community ; hut, as I
saV you have no right to torture them. The ideas
are real and quite clear. I think our results should
be obtained, in the case of both the criminal ami the
child, by educating and not by frightening them.
The system of terrifying children produces exceed-
ingly harmful results* It introduces into their lives
fear, pain and deceit and so onóall of them exceed-
ingly evil things. It is just a question of a little
management. The whole system of frightening people
by laws, and of frightening children by punishments,
is the same thing as the old Church idea of hell.
They thought to make people good by frightening
them. It is odd how that idea still persists. One of
our principal living novelists wrote to" me some time
ago and said that, at the seaside, lie once met a
young man, found him suitable soil, and put into him
some Theosophical ideas. He explained to him tliat
there was no such thing as liell, that it was all nun"
sense; and he explaincd^a little, of the real thing to
him. Later on this young fcllow^s mother paid the
novelist a visit. She was exceedingly angry. She
said: st Why, that is the only way I have been aisle
to keep the boy in orderóby the fear of hell. In"
threatening him with it day and nil day lon.u. No\\
that you have persuaded him thai tluTr i^ no hell,
what am I going to do ? " That is the result of using
wrong tactics, you sec. Perhaps if she had known a
little better, and had explained things to him from the