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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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fiOG   TALKS ON 4t AT THE H LT 01' THh MAsTi'K "

adopted now, boeau^o mm an^wi^r. Tbi*'id^a of

•   ğ                   <<1   .     .
imposn^ vour ideas upon othn^ H eairird much

too*far.  Then1 is onh one v.a\   IĞ lu\p been
at it all inv lift' ami I kiuğ\\" tl^n* is nulv nn^
wa\' in \\lnrb \o\i ran rtall\ ami u-'rfulh tcarli u
cliild aii\lliiiii^ am! tlut i^ tiy niakin^ him lo\^ \i)iiğ
tt^ iH-'^in \\itli* Y(m <l\a•^<isc a ft^rtailt amount of
moral suasion afterwards, hrcauM* y<m look injun'd,
|)aiI]^>d, if In* does \u'on^. Tliat i^ quitt1 lt(^itinlal<%
Ix'caii^c you ivallv <io (wl pinned ; awl that is In'thT
tlian tryinp to forf'^ tilt4 cliild to do \\]uii \ott uant
him to do. If you bv^in In' ruling in* !o^t% \ou ("all
out tin* Iov<^ in flu* pupil, and y^u ran gH ?-oiĞrtiiiti^
dtuit^ If you start \uth forcr and brutuHh, you call
4)iit notliin^ but hostility, and thou ^04 do not got
anything doiit\ You kno^, w ordinary lifi% if onr
l)u>iness nian \\ants to ^rt hoiiiptliii}^ (m( uf another
business man, lit* dors not ^o to \\uik l^v anta^onMn^
him.  Hi* sin*aks |)]casnntly to him and [r'u^ to
convince him that v^hat^v(T it is, which Ih^uint^donr,
\\ ill he to their mutual aA'anta^c.y It ^onid not
occur to hini to start out by trying to drive tho other
man; it would only antagonise him and make any-
thing Hke friendly relations between them impossible.

Boys and ^iris are human beings too, and \ou can
get more out of them if you have them on vour hide
than if you set them against you to start \\ ith, The^e
are matters of experiment to those \\ho try to teac}L
There are many incompetent teachers, because no