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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTIETH TALK            6o5

the criminal, or whoever it may be, it does not matter.
He would adopt the attitude of love to begin with, and
in all dealings witn that other person he would be
considering that person's good; there would be no
thought in his mind of revenge, nor of preventing other
people, who have nothing to do with that particular
case, from doing the same thing. He would be thinking
of the effect on that person and He would approach it
with the knowledge that the same Divine Life was in
that person as in Himself, and He would endeavour
to work through that Divine Life. He would say
that any such methods as you describe are utterly
inadmissible because, first of all, they fundamentally
ignore the whole law of love, the whole principle of the
thing. They bring into play other considerations which
have nothing to do with the matter. So, for that
reason, His attitude would be a very determined one
on such points. He says these things are crimes, and
certainly the results they produce are very serious.
The karma of suyh things" is terrible and you will
find the Lipika, the Lords of Karma Themselves, do
not look at things from your point of view very often.
We are wont to consider, for example, that death is
one of the most terrible things that could happen to
anybody. That is why we impose death as the heaviest
punishiyient for an infraction of our laws. The Lords
of Karma, on the other hand, do not look upon death
in that sort of way at all. They not infrequently
give it as a reward—the death, that is to say, which