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raises the man at once into higher and happier con-
ditions. They do not regard it, in the least, as a
thing which has in it any of the (^ualiti^s of a punish-
ment. Now that, in itself, alters one's view of a
great many other things besides the mere fact of
d<^th. So, in the same way, the man who takes up
the profession of a schoolmaster does that in order to
get his, living, just as he might take up any other
profession. The Lords of Karma do not regard the
profession of teaching from that point of view at all.
They would put a man into such a place with the
idea of giving him a magnificent opportunity. He
may not take it; but that is what it is, from Their
point of view, a great opportunity for him, if he
should take it up and carry it through, carefully,
tactfully, lovingly, and one which would probably
lead him on to another life in which he would
be a religious teacher. From that the way is open to
become a great saint, a great benefactor of mankind.
It lies straight in the j^oad to some of the highest
prizes,from the point of view of the Karmic Deities; so
that misuse of such an opportunity would be a terrible
fall for a man. Cruelty in such cases brings very
horrible results. Your President has told you that
cruelty very often brings insanity as its result. On
certain occasions we have found it to bring a sort of
repayment in kind—that is to say, that a man who
had been cruel, was himself put in a position, in an-
other life, in which he suffered great cruelty. In very