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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTIETH TALK            6o7

many cases it has alsoresulted,—oddly enough, from
our point of view—in a remarkable and cataclysmic
descent in th5 social scale. A person who had been
cruel in a reasonably good position finds himself
thrown down amongst the dregs of the populace be-
cause of that cruelty. So it is evident that the Lords
of Karma, demonstrating the great Laws of the
Universe, take the same kind of view of these things
that the Master takes. It is well for us to understand

An opportunity somewhat similar is given to the
manager of a factory, or the head of a large business
of any kind. A man thinks of such a place as one to
be desired, because it gives him an opportunity of
getting a good salary or of making a good deal of
money, and so obtaining a certain amount of power.
Now the Karmic Deities would regard that, again, as
a sort of opportunity to help all those who came
under his control. Of course that would mean, if the
employer understood it, a very different attitude on
his part. You knbw, an employer often regards his
men with a scarcely veiled hostility; he thinks that
they want to get as much out of him as they can
and to take advantage of him in various ways. On
their part, the men usually think that he wishes to
grind them down, so as to get all he can out of
them, paying them as little as possible. Of course^
it is true,, unfortunately, that in some cases both
parties are right in thinking as they do. There are