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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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employers who take that attitude; there are very
ifiany workmen who take that line towards their
employers; but the man who tinderStands will not
look at it in the least in that w^Ty. Karma regards
such a position as an enormous opportunity.  It
dqes not take into consideration whether the man
makes the thing pay, or whether he does not; that is
not the point. The point is, that it gives the man an
opportunity of being a helpful influence in the life of
a number of people. That is the only part of the
relationship, the only aspect of it, which concerns the
Karmic Deities. In dealing with children the same
thing has to be considered as with men.  Every
child, that is to say, is an ego, and the opportunity
is given to the teacher to help in guidftig the character
of that ego in the right direction. Of course the
circumstances will differ in every case. The school-
master naturally has a vast opportunity because the
children are sent to him to learn, and he can make of
them very much wha^ he will, with care.  Here
again, (and this is just as true of the employer of
labour as of the schoolmaster), he will influence them
quite as much by what he is, and by the way in which
he acts, as by anything directly said to them. He
who is what he ought to be radiates round him a
strong and powerful influence by his life. In the
case of the schoolmaster that is one of the most
important things; but it is so with the employer