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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTIETH TALK            6o9

The Master speaks, m all these cases, of an altitude
of love. I have said before, I think, that we do not
need to exagg^ate tjhat in any way ; we do not want
to suggest that yt>u are to feel the same kind of
love as you feel to father and mother, wife or child,
towards everybody. That is impossible, of course,
but you must be in a condition of active goodwill
towards all the people round you, not of mere passive
tolerance. Often, I know, members think they have
gone a very long way if they no longer dislike people,
if they can manage not to feel active dislike. That
is certainly an improvement, but it is far from the
Master's attitude. The Master's is an attitude of
active goodwill, a definite desire to help, ever looking
for an opportunity of doing something. That is the
sort of attitude the pupil of the Master ought to try
to take also. People often do not understand this
and introduce all kinds of unpleasant ideas. Of
course, in the case of the schoolmaster, there is the
complication that, if he does not understand his
position, he may actually delay the development of
these egos. They are put into his hands in order
that he may teach them to control their vehicles and
help to make things easier for them. If, instead of
arousing feelings of love, he arouses those of fear,
or, as so often happens, of deceit, then he is very
distinctly hampering the progress of those egos, and
so not only losing the fine opportunity of helping, but
actively doing harm. It is a position of great