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responsibility, there is no question at all about

You get an example of the same ISnd of thing in
the Parable of the Talents. YolP remember how it
was said there, to the man who had used his talents
as they were meant to be used: " Thou hast been
faithful over few things, I will make thee ruler over
many things." So the man who does a bit of business
of this sort will get a much wider opportunity. The
man who has the opportunity, say, of the school-
master in one life, might, in his next, get the oppor-
tunity of being a spiritual teacher to a vast number of
people,—that is to say, of the same thing on a very
much greater scale; in this way he would be made
ruler over many things. It was said ^o him, remem-
ber : (< Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord," and
the people who read that parable mostly forget what
that means. They think it means to enter into heaven
—into a condition of pleasure and delight. That is
not the joy of the Lord. The joy of the Lord is
sacrifice; for it was in sacrifice that He poured
Himself down into the Universe and occupied it. It
is that which is joy, it is that which is the " play of
Bacchus " in the Greek Mysteries ; the play (Lila) of
Shri Krishna in the Hindu scheme. The very making
of the Universe is joy, is play to Him. So you who
enter into the joy of the Lord must enter into the self-
sacrifice of the Lord. That is the only wa.y in which
you can share His Bliss.