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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTIETH TALK            6l5


You would think ^.hat people could not avoid
seeing these things. It is not lack of intellect, it \s
only that matter Jf custom. Many of the people
who do all these things are in every way as intelligent
as we (we may even be less intelligent than these
people) but they have not thought. We may be less
intelligent than they in certain other ways, but on
that particular subject we have thought, and that is
the first great step in advance. First think about a
thing and try to see what you are doing. So He
says : <( Speak clearly against them, when opportunity
. offers."   Of course we do not want to thrust our
ideas upon other people, so that such speech needs to
be done carefully, although clearly. I do not myself
speak on such matters usually, unless my opinion is
asked, unless the thing comes prominently before me
in some way, because it seems to me that one needs
to do these things with caution. I do not think it is
well to go on thrusting one's ideas upon others with"
out some sort of preparation for it. I do not think it
does any good. I would do it most cheerfully if it
were likely to call attention of people or to bring
about any result, but as a rule it does not. You
know the aggressive people who thrust their ideas
upon you always arouse in you a certain resentment.
You are not very likely to pay attention to a thing
thrust upon you in that way. A person comes up to
you in the street and wants to know whether you
have found Jesus, or whether your soul is saved—it