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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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happens pretty often. You So not feel attracted to
the person who accosts you in that way. It does not
recommend their system to you, it rather sets you
against it. You think : " Oh dear me, if the people
are so tactless as this, surely their religion cannot be
such a good one." It does not prejudice you in their
favour. Do you not see just the same thing would
happen if you thrust your ideas in that same
aggressive way upon other people ? It would proba-
bly arouse them to defend their own different line.
But if you are asked about these things, or if an
opportunity comes to lend a book, or a pamphlet,
there is another matter. You can then do the thing
gently and quietly. So if you find yourself among a
number of sportsmen, I should no? start out by
saying: " This is a very wicked thing," although it is;

but if I were asked, I should say quietly: lt I hold
that all life is sacred, that these animals are really
younger brothers of ours, and you have no more
right to go out and kill^hem for your pleasure than
you would have to kill a man for your pleasure."

People would be surprised, perhaps would sneer
covertly at the thing, bat they would not be set
against you as they would be if you attacked them.
In the same way with vegetarianism. One very soon
feels great disgust and dislike to be at the same table
with people who are eating meat; yet it constantly
happens that you have to be at the same table—when
travelling by ship and so on—and it is not well to show