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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTIETH TALK            6l9

because we do base our belief on reason, and we only
try to show people so, yet the other man caiyiot
see. You must remember that reason, however per-
fect, however logical, does not necessarily impress
the ordinary man at all; he does not live in his
reason, he lives in his feelings, and if his feelings
are roused by what you say, no amount of reason
will convince him, and the more you talk, the angrier
he will get. Then you say: " But it is not reason-
able " ; of course it is not, but it is no use telling him
so. The fact that we appeal to reason will carry
weight with the people who have power to reason,
but not with a man who is a bigot. A bigot'has no
power to reason; his mind is made up and he is
actually impervious to reason altogether.

It seems to me that this attitude of mind which
the Master calls s( love >)a general attitude of watch-
ful kindness, is really more important than acquiring
detailed information.   It is a thing we ought to
practise, though it is assuredly a good thing we should
learn our systen? well also. Of course people talk
very much about liberty of thought, but you will find
that a very large number of them are willing to
allow you liberty of thought only so long as you
exercise it along their lines. Well, let us be careful
lest perchance we should ever become like that. We
ourselves ought to know exactly why we believe
anything You remember the remark made by the
Apostle: (< Let every man be fully persuaded in his