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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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own mifid." It does not say® that he is to try to
pei^uade other people; but let him know quite well
what he believes, and then he will be^able to state
his case, when necessary, gently &nd temperately.
You see, we must not despise other people who cannot
see things quite as we do. Sometimes, you know,
they are younger souls. It does not occur to you to
despise a young man because he is young, you say:

" Perhaps he does not know as much yet as he will do
in fifty years hence, but we were all young once."
There are many things he does not know yet, he will
know them presently. In the same way, be gentle,
be tender ; you are more likely to bring him your
way, if you are gentle, than if you are rough with
him.                                •
Then as to unintentional cruelty He says:

It comes usually from thoug-htlessness,

and here comes a page or two of examples, upon
which we do not need to comment. You will notice
that most of these things are applied to Indian con-
ditions, but they can be applied also to other countries.
You will find, for example, that some of the great
American millionaires think nothing of making money
simply by crushing thousands of other people. They
do not care how many souls and bodies they ruin so
long as they satisfy their lust for gold.

It comes usually from thoughtlessness. A "man is so
filled with greed and avarice that he never even thinks of the