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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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The Master here applies this vpord 6t superstitious i?
not. only to religious matters but to others, because
He goes on to say :

Think of the awful slaughter produced by the super-
stition that animals should be sacrificed.

That was a delusion of many religions.  The

ancient Jewish religion, according to its own account,
seems to have had that particular disease rather
badly. I hope that the writers exaggerated; they
had a habit of exaggeration. All young communities
exaggerate immensely. Go back to earlier parts of
English history and you will find local squabbles
magnified into world-shaking conflicts. Take, for
instance, the battle of Chevy Chase. It sounds as
though whole kingdoms had been engaged, but it
was merely one provincial lord who called out his
men and attacked another. There are many cases
of that, and I remember in the Old Testament one
case where they assert t4,ey sacrificed at the same
time 122,000 bullocks. It is a large order, you know.
They may have done so, but I have considerable
doubt as to whether so large a number at the same
time existed in the whole land of Canaan. One
hopes they did not, and that the historian put on a
few naughts. In the East they have a way of
putting them on.

And by the still more cruel superstition thai man needs
flesh for food^