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THIRTY-FIRST TALK           6^7

done, which the very same people would never dream
of doing" at other times. It is a most unfortunate
condition of affairs.   It is a condition which we,
as students of these matters, ought to be able to
recognise. We should understand that the individuals
concerned are responsible only to the extent that they
allow themselves to be swept away and that the things
that they do are done by the monomania more than
by the individuals themselves. In the same way a
man will allow his temper to get hold of him, but you
must take into consideration that probably the very
same man will be quite sorry about it afterwards and
so on. It is the same with some of these larger
national obsessions that come over people at times.

In history they have been very common in regard
to religion. You will find a number of people becom-
ing madly fanatical. You know how Muhammadans
and others will run amuck with a religious frenzy and
try to exterminate people of different faiths from their
own. In Christianity we ha^e not been entirely free
from things of that nature. The Crusades for example,
were the results of a mistaken attitude. There was
something in a way chivalrous and beautiful, no
doubt, in that idea that the sacred places of a religion
ought to belong to the people of that religion. As a
matter of fact history has proved that i.t has been
arather fortunate that they did not succeed. In that
JHoly Land,"at the present moment, the Muhammadan
soldiers have to keep peace between the rival Christian