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se^ts, the Latin and the Greek, because they have
always fought for precedence at the Seoulchre, and it
is the Muhammadan soldiers wh<g have to keep the
peace.  The way the Crusaders went to work to
obtain their holy place was utterly irrational. At this
vefy time in history we have a similar problem ; but
no one dreams of trying to settle it in the method of
the Crusades. The holy places of the Buddhists, the
place where the Lord Buddha was born, the place
where He attained His Buddhahood, the place where
He died—all those are in the hands of the Hindu
faith, a religion which is as different from Buddhism
as Muhammadanism is from Christianity.   The
Buddhists very earnestly desire to possess their holy
places, but it has not occurred to them to gather
together the Buddhist nations and start upon a war
of conquest in consequence. I am very thankful that
it has not, for the Buddhists number about five
hundred million people. Their religion forbids them
to do anything so irrational. T^ey have tried to buy
back the site, and they nearly succeeded in doing so.
The Theosophical Society has assisted them, but a
great deal of the money was lost in a law suit. That
is a precisely similar case, where the sacred shrines of
one religion are in the hands of people of another, but
they are distinctly more tolerant about these-things in
the older religions.

In these Crusades, as I said, about twenty million
people perished. That is a great many to be sacrificed