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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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talented, as any born in our own country. If you
read a roll of the names of great scientific men, of
great artists, of great sculptors, of great poets, you
know quite well that you get men of all races, and
not of one alone; and so you know that all are in
thart respect equal.   Some have one particular
characteristic more strongly developed, and others
have other characteristics.

You are a little way off from the centre of things,
down here in Australia ; but if you could attend (some
of you have done so, I know) the great Convention
of our Society at Adyar or in London, you would be
very much impressed, I am sure, by the gathering of
people of different religions and races, and by the
feeling of brotherhood that obtains among them—not a
mere toleration but an active and kindly affectionate
interest. It is one of the things that you do rather
lose by your position down here. You have not the
opportunity of seeing that to such an extent as we
have had in other par^ of the^world. Those who
have had that experience have certainly come to
realise that the mere question of nationality is not
after all one of importance, and we are perfectly
willing to make all allowances for it, and to regard
people of other nationalities in the most friendly and
tolerant and affectionate way.

There is a thing like that, which falls upon you
all, here and everywhere else, and that is to deal
with people not of different nations, but of different