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THIRTY-FIRST TALK           63l

dispositions; and I think that, if you just face the
fact, you will realise that it is hard to be perfe5tly
tolerant and comprehending with people of different
dispositions. I know that I myself have found it so.
I have my own characteristics. My tendency is to
take a common-sense point of view of anything and to
reason about it and try to understand it. Now I
constantly meet, in the Society as well as out of it,
people who are not at all swayed by these considera-
tions. It is with them all a question of the feeling
of the moment, and that is the thing that sways them
almost entirely. I do not understand it. I see it. I have
to recognise it as a fact, but I do not understand how
that happens, and it is difficult to help those people
as well, as freely and as readily as others, because
one does not really understand their motives. One, of
course, gives them credit for good motives, but it is
difficult to comprehend the thing. There are a number
of dispositions of that sort. There is another dis-
position which I personaMy find it hard to under-
stand, and that is the very gushing type of religious
devotion ; the type, I mean, which applies to its Deity
all sorts of endearing terms, collected out of love-
poetry and novels and that kind of thing.  That
always gives me a shock and an impression of irrever-
ence, hut it is not thus meant by the people who do it.
You get an idea of it if you read the writings of
Alfonse L/eguerrier. You get all sorts of gush which
seems to us a mawkish sentimentality to begin with, and