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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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certainly it seems irreverent when addressed to a
gre*at Divine Power. But it is not so to the people
who love in that way, and they consider us cold and
without feeling, and unable to express ourselves, and
so on. It is not that we feel any the less, but we do
not •think that such expression of feeling would be
quite reverent or quite proper.

That, I think, is the side of the question that is
likely to come down here before you. We do not see
so much of the different nationalities, but we do find
among our members and in our -work these different
types turning up, and we have to learn to work with
them all. It is precisely one of the most difficult
things, but the theory that you cannot work with them
is a superstition, and if your particular'attitude is so
highly superior to theirs, then the French saying
noblesse oblige should come into the question. You
are in so much higher a position ,* therefore you ought
to be able to understand and take in this other posi-
tion which to you is less^-and not so important. To
confess that you cannot get along with those people is
to say your system is not sufficiently perfect to take in
everything; for here are some people who cannot be
included within it. If you are in so much higher
a position, then you should be able to make allowances
for those other unfortunates who do not look af these
things as you do.

This question of types is a very interesting study ;

but our business in studying it is not merely from the