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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTY-FIRST TALK           633

standpoint of curiosity, but because we want "to help
them all. We are all of us, I hope, putting before
us, as our greatest cfbject in life, the idea of service in
one way or another. There are many ways in which
we can serve, but all demand a certain amount of
comprehension of people differing from ourselves and
a vast amount of tolerant sympathy with them. W&en
people want to gush, well, let them. Stand there, and
let the rain come down on you; look as if you liked it
so far as you conveniently can. And when you find
people who are cold and intellectual you must make
allowance for them also. It is not that they have no
feeling, but their feeling lies so deep that they cannot
show it on the surface. We have to free ourselves
from the superstition that our way is the only way.
People who are so familiar with the Deity are
certainly trying to other people who feel a deep
reverence for the Deity. There are people who are
sure what He means and how He regards their little
family quarrels and so on^-w^ll, for them I suppose
it is all right; it \^ould not be for me.

The Master speaks here of the superstition that
animals should be sacrificed. It is unfortunate that
the idea has come on to modern times, because it does
belong to an earlier stage in history altogether. We
oughj; to be perfectly clear as to that, and I am quite
sure that every one of you, if you saw anyone trying to
sacrifice* an animal, would come forward and protest
at once against it. But because animal sacrifice is