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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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largely' spoken of in the Hetrew part of the Scrip-
ture, people are often afraid to speak out about it.
We must clearly understand that no Deity whom
we should wish to worship would^ desire the offering
of blood ; it is quite clear that the offering of blood is
desired by certain classes of elementals and by cer-
tain nature-spirits who feed upon its fumes. That is
.the reason for the outpouring of blood in sacrifice,
and any deity whatever who desires the commands of
blood sacrifices must be of that type  You cannot
conceive the Supreme Father, who gives forth His
own Life, desiring to have life sacrificed in His
honour.   The thing is altogether ridiculous.   It
would be stultifying His action in evolution. We,
who are Theosophists, ought to have otir minds clear
•about these things. So often people allow remains
of old feelings to prevent them from quite facing
facts and I think that is rather a mistake. They do
not say openly, for example, that the sacrifice of
animals is a horrible thpig, because of the fact that
they often have it spoken of with great commendation
in the Scriptures. One would point out that, after
all, the Scriptures of any people are suited to that
people at the stage of their development when these
Scriptures are written ; that, after all, the world does
advance, and that therefore there must inevitably be
some things in all the Scriptures, as in other old
books, which are not in harmony with the ideas of
the present day. Take the novels of two hundred