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THIRTY-FIRST TALK           635

years ago in EnglanA You will find a great deal in
them you would not like to read aloud to yyir
family. That doe3 not necessarily show that we are
better people ; but-it does show that we have changed
our manners, and that some things, which were then
matters of common conversation, are not so to-day.
If you go back to any old Scriptures, you will Und
that they all speak of and refer to conditions of
affairs which to-day we should regard as horrible.

There is much in the Vedas which you would not
like at all. You hear so very much of the wonderful
beauty of the Indian Scriptures.  It is true that
some parts of them are very wonderful, very beauti-
ful; so are some parts of the Bible. But just as
there are in*fche Bible stories which might with very
great advantage be expunged from it, and a vast
amount of so-called history which certainly has no
existence in fact, so do we find the same thing is true
of the Hindu Scriptures. Only a very small number
of those Scriptures have ^et been translated ; and of
course the parts* which have been translated are the
best parts. There is no particular reason for trans-
lating the other parts. There is a great deal about
sacrifice and many other unpleasant customs of those
earlier days, which we do not need to perpetuate.

W^e want to be eclectic about Scriptures as well as
about everything else. You take up a book and you
pick out those passages in it which you think beauti-
ful and helpful. There are many people who read in