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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTY-FIRST TALK           637

(2) Then there is • the other theory that God is
malevolent, that He will do harm to men, if He is not
bought off from doing it,—if He is not paid off by
sacrifices and offerings. You have to face the facts.
If you think clearly, all religions which deal with
sacrifices are taking that idea of their Deity. That
comes with a sort of shock to many people because"
of the sacrifices of the Jews. The Jews now repre-
sent a very highly developed race, but they have had
their earlier days and their beginnings, just as we
had. We are proud, and not unnaturally or un-
worthily so, of our English origin, but you must re-
member that if you go back two thousand years you
will find that we were then a race of naked savages
running abcfat in the woods and painting ourselves
blue. That does not alter the fact that the English
origin is a very fine thing; but it would be ridiculous
thing to maintain that at that time our ancestors
represented a highly developed race, because they did
not. The Jew of the present day would recoil with
horror from the sacrifice of several hundred animals
at a time to the Deity; but according to their own
account they did not so recoil in the days of David
and Solomon, if these worthy people ever existed.
Although sacrifice is mentioned in your Psalms and
in Qther parts of your Bible you will have to face the
fact that no good God ever wanted sacrifices. I
know it follows that Jehovah was not a good God.
He was merely one of the great elemental deities