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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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corn ing'over from Atlantean ®times. As such, he
wc^uld welcome sacrifices and would live upon the
fumes of blood.                •    ^

Coming down to New Testament times, the Christ
does not advocate any of those things at all. There
is nothing about blood and sacrifice in His theory of
•religion. He spoke of God as a loving Father—
which is a perfectly different thing. If our Christian
brothers would only follow the teaching of the Christ
and not confuse them with the teaching of the
Jewish Scriptures (just because Christ happened to
take a Jewish incarnation that time) they would save
themselves a lot of inconsistency and trouble. Any
God whose nature it is to do harm if He is not paid
off and prevented from doing so is nofa good God,
not a God that any of us could possibly worship. Do
not you see how that old Jewish idea has forced
itself into Christianity and how much harm it has
done to Christianity ? It has loaded it down with the
idea that a sacrifice was Jiecessary, and that people
would be sent to Hell for ever, $ there were not
sacrifices. That is why they invented the amazing
theory that God sacrificed His only Son instead of
all these other people. You hear of this thing from
your youth up, and it is put to you as such a wonder-
ful thing. I suppose most people never look at it
from the other side at all. They never think what
kind of God it could be who would require or. permit
such a sacrifice. You can imagine what would be