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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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THIRTY-FIRST TALK           639

said of any earthly King who acted like tha^—who
condemned quite causelessly a quantity of people to
horrible tortures, and then when His own Son came
forward and said<»: ts If you must kill somebody kill
me. I have not done anything, but never mind, kill
me and let these people go free," acquiesced in the
arrangement! What would you think of a King vrtio
did such things ? That theory is not Christianity. But
it is the sort of thing that is taught by the Christians
who know about that much of the truth of the thing.
'There is a theory which is magnificently greater than
that. It is the theory of the descent of Christ into
matter, because Christ is born in every one of us.
All that is said is perfectly true. But if you under-
stand it in that horribly materialistic form, you must
see that you make of your God a demon, and that is
an evil thing to do.   Colonel Ingersoll was right
when he said that an honest God was the noblest
work of man. You can see the truth of the idea—
that only a nation which was already highly deve-
loped could rise *to the conception of a really grand
and glorious Deity. It is true that our forefathers^
at the time of which I am speaking, had their con-
ceptions of the Deity, but they were crude. Our
ancestors were not in a position to understand
anything very metaphysical. The Jews in the Old
Testament were a warlike race, and their great idea
was always to conquer the other races they come
across and bring them to worship their own particular