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THIRTY-FIRST TALK           64l

that happens is par^ of that scheme and fife in with
that scheme.  I do not mean that He Himself
(though here we «peak of things as to which we can
only speculate) necessarily designed all that happens.
He allows a certain amount of free will to His
creatures and they do things very often which are
clearly not in harmony with His great Plan; He
must allow them to do these things because other-
wise there would be no free will. I cannot say
whether we are right in holding Him responsible for
it all.   I do not know. He has spoken uncom-
promisingly along that line, you remember in the
Jewish Scriptures: '( I am the Lord, I create evil,"—
a curious remark, you know. And you will remembbr
in the Indian Scriptures something of the same
sort. I take it that that must mean simply that
there is no life which is not His life and that there-
fore in that sense He is the doer even of the evil.
But the evil has been done by—how shall we put
it ?—by fragments of His Consciousness which are
not yet in tune with the rest, not yet fully developed ;

but since all life is His life there is a point of view
from which we must say He is the only Actor, the
only Doer.

I spoke to you of the very crude idea of Christ-
ianity which exists among the Salvation Army and
similar bodies, but you know there is a much better
aspect of Christianity coming forward to-day. For
a long time now Christianity has been much better