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THIRTY-FIRST TALK           643

Him for ever "—if they had stopped at that, that is a
magnificent Creed. If only they had left it at tHat
and not gone on tb say things about other people—
but they did not. Christianity has gone very much
ahead of its authorised pronouncements and beliefs.
I came across a passage the other day which showed
that rather clearly. There is a book by the Dean of
Ripon in which he says quite plainly : " The develop-
ment of Christ in man is the object of Christianity/'
and then he goes on to explain what the Christ in man
is : " It is the wisdom of the man of science, it is the
eloquence of the lawyer, it is the firmness of the
judge, it is the love of beauty in the artist, and it is
the love of man in the philanthropist," and so on.
That kind of ^Christianity we all accept You see
there is very much the same thing in the Gita: lt Of
rulers," says Shri Krishna, "I am the sceptre; of
those who seek victory I am statesmanship ; and of
secrets I am also silence ; the knowledge of knowers am
I.  Whatsoever is glorio^ good, beautiful and
mighty, understand thou that to go forth from a
fragment of my splendour." You see the Christian
Dean is very nearly in agreement with the Atlantean
writer of the Bhagavad'Gita (you know the Bhagavad-
Gita is very much older than the Mahabharata, in
which it is incorporated). The story of Arjuna and
Krishna was written by the writer of the Mahabharata,
into which it is fitted, but all the really glorious part
was brought from Allan tis into Central Asia and was