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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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then translated into Samskrit. But that represents
certain facts which we have seen.

We may trust God utterly, because, to put the
thing quite plainly, He knows and we do not know.
He has a scheme; we know that scheme is evolution.
Wo" know, in a general way, what is expected of us in
the helping forward of that scheme, but all the details
of it are not known to us. They unquestionably are
known to Him. Each man does not even know what
his own past karma is. He knows only a certain
part, from the way in which it is presenting itself
now. But the greatest Powers, who are managing
the whole thing, know what that man's karma is, and
how much of it can usefully be brought down upon
him now, and how much has to be' saved up for
another time, and so on. They who know can be
trusted to do the work well, and any interference
on our part is sure to be an interference for the
worse. As I said in a lecture I gave on prayer some-
time ago-—if it were possible for the Great Ones to
listen to us and change our destiny in accordance
with what we think we would like at the time, it
would be the worse for us. They, knowing all, are
already doing the best for us that can be done. I do
not say that our own aspirations in the matter are
useless—very much the reverse. If we have good
aspirations, then those are new factors introduced
into the case, and those new factors, may well
enable the Great Lords of Karma to modify the