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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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August 31, 1915.

ONE of the superstitions condemned by the Master,
you will remember, is that man needs flesh for food.
That is, of course, a superstition, because there are
many thousands of people who exist in perfect health
without it. There are probably some few people \\ho,
owing to bad heredity, and of course to their own
karma, are really unable to make their bodies digest
the purer forms of food, but they are very few. I
have myself known of some two instances, I think,—
among the great many thousands of Theosophists,
and others—who, after really trying for a long time
to adopt vegetarian diet, found that they were abso-
lutely unable to do it; but all the rest, after a certain
amount of difficulty just at first, were able to settle
down to vegetarian food. It is unquestionably proved
that people (all but a very few) can exist perfectly
well without saddling themselves with the crime of
taking part in the slaughter of animals. I think that
we all know that perfectly well, and I Iiave no doubt
that all of us are doing our best so to live

I think that Theosophists ought to know why it is
undesirable to take flesh for food, and I do know that