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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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a great many do noft They have a generaMdea that
it is cruel to kill animals, but I do not know that it
goes very nfuch beyond that. They know that the
flesh foods brftig undesirable particles into their
bodies, but they are not, as a rule, conversant with
the arguments in the question. There are plenty of
such arguments, and I think that we ought to familiar-
ise ourselves with them to some extent, because that
is one of the things which people often ask us about,
and to them you must always, I think, make it clear
that vegetarianism is not a necessity to the Theo-
sophist. I mean that the Theosophical Society does
not exact vegetarianism from its followers; yet all
those who do understand anything about the matter
are of courses avoiding the eating of meat; and I think
they ought to know fully why they do so, and
what are the arguments to be stated in favour of
vegetarianism. I marshalled them together once my-
self, in a lecture which you will find in a book called
Some Glimpses of Occultism, which I have no doubt
is in this library.  Anyone, therefore, who is not
acquainted with the arguments, might borrow that
book and familiarise himself with them and take
notes from them, so as to have something to say if
anyone asks him why he abstains from a meat diet.
I think you can make it abundantly clear to any
enquirer that it is entirely to his interest to abstain
from that food. Of course, that lecture was delivered
some ten years ago, and no doubt many additional