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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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instances and arguments might be obtained now.
StiU, you will find a very fair array of them there,
quite enough for ordinary purposes, I think.

You need to understand that if is not merely a
question of principle, although surely that is enough
for us, but because a vegetarian diet means better
heafth, the avoidance of certain diseases. Also
definite facts are in our favour, showing that those
who take vegetable food have greater endurance and
so on. There are a great many arguments, of which,
if you will read the lecture, you will find a very fair

Of course, you know that people sometimes object
that, in any case, we must destroy life in order to
live; that they who are vegetarians also destroy life.
That is very true to a limited extent. I suppose you
may be said to be destroying the life of an apple
when you eat it, but you could save the pips and
plant them.  But then, you know, apple trees are
propagated altogether in^ another way, by cuttings.
In the same way, when you eat uread you are, of
course, eating grains of corn, which might have been
planted and might have made more corn. On the other
hand, you set against it that you are not destroying
the plant life. The plant has lived its life and, as
these grains which you eat have no sentiency, the
plant might have no objection, so to speak ; so that
you cannot be said to have been guilty of any form
of cruelty.  Nearly all plants produce seeds in