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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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quantities so vast thai: it would be impossible*that all
should be used. Therefore I do not think that we
are open to ?my sarious reproach in that we use that
potential life foo8. After all we must have some-
thing to eat; and even supposing that we do destroy
vegetable life, that would, you will understand, be a
very much less serious matter than the destruction of
any advanced animal life. You have to go back to
fundamentals; and the real reason why killing is
wrong is because it interferes with the course of
evolution and gives a certain amount of trouble—
small truly—but a certain amount of additional trou-
ble, to the Ministers of Evolution. If you kill a man,
you do no harm to that individual, so far as his
pleasure and his happiness are concerned.   You
merely lift him to a higher plane, where he will be
very much happier than he will be on the physical
plane. So the wrong to the man is not in that way ;

nor is the destruction of the physical life necessarily
cruel, because a man killer suddenly simply does not
feel it. The wrong that you have done a mail, when
you kill •him, is that you have cut him off from the
opportunity of evolution which he would otherwise
have had in that body. He will have it still in
another body, but you are giving the Logos, or
His representatives, the trouble of again finding a
place for that man's evolution, of carrying it again
through ^babyhood and childhood—conditions which
are merely preparatory conditions—before he has