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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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received the result he has a rig-ht to expect from that
.incarnation. That is why it is so much more serious
to kill a man than an animal—betause the man needs
a separate place. The animal flows back into his
group-soul, and has again to find his manifestation.
In^the case of the more evolved animals that is a very
complicated manifestation, and causes, if we may
reverently put it so—a great deal of trouble to the
Evolutionary Powers. The killing, say, of a mosquito
is an infinitely smaller matter, because he flows back
into a group-soul and comes out in a very short time,
unfortunately. At any rate you can see at once that
)fche trouble caused to the Evolutionary Powers by the
destruction of hundreds of thousands of those small
things is as nothing compared to thG killing of one
horse or cow or cat or dog. The more complicated
the creature is, the greater is the harm done by kill-
ing it. So this whole question of death becomes one
of the balancing of the dangers—the balancing of the
harm done. There is almost no conceivable case in
which it could be the right thing to' kill a man for any
purpose of your own, .but there are many cases
in which it might be the right thing and the
only thing to do,—such as to kill a man in
defence of some one else. Even in self-defence
the law admits it for the ordinary person.   For
us—well, your President would say at once it
is, another matter.   She would say ,the yogi
does not defend himself ; he leaves the whole matter