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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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in the hands of karma. Still I think,' myself,
that we are justified in defending our lives when they
are attacked* and • I am quite certain that we are
justified in defenfling a friend or a child if attacked,,
even at the cost of killing the one who attacks.
Therefore the same thing holds good with regard to
animals—even the most developed animals. An animal
which attacks you, which endangers your life or your
safety, you would, I think, have a right to attack
in turn, even if necessary to kill. But remember that
your President would probably not admit that,
unless you were defending somebody who was
definitely in your charge, so that it is simply a moot
point. But the whole question there is, which
would be the greater harm ? If, for example, you are
troubled by a mosquito, when you are doing some
important work, it might, it seems to me, very well
be the lesser evil to kill the mosquito. If you can
take refuge behind a mosquito net it is better, or if
you can drive it away.    ^

I think you sh3uld have a clear thought as to the
whole ethics of destruction.. If it were impossible
for us to live without taking the life of an animal,
then it would be at least arguable that we had the
right to take the life, since the value of our life, from
our point of view, is the greater. Of course the
animal's point of view is another matter. From ours,
our point, of view is more important. That cannot
be claimed, because it is not in the least necessary ;