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suffering in that way. The Thiosophical Society has
tri^d to do something to ameliorate their lot, and has
opened a number of schools, for of^course the children
could not, until lately, be received TJI any school in
India. The teachers must be either white people, or
liberal caste people, or Pariahs. So you can see the
treatment which superstition has meted out to the.
depressed classes even among people who make a
speciality of brotherhood, how those people have
forgotten their brotherhood because of their super-

Many crimes have men committed in the name of
the God of Love, moved by this nightmare of superstition.

One other point about all superstition is that the
man who does most harm is generally^ the one who
has the best intentions, who is standing loyally to the
letter of his law. A really selfish bad man—there are
^uch people though perhaps not so very many of
them—is concerned mostly with gratifying his own
desires. He does not w^nt to interfere with you
unless you come in his way ; so, after all, he does not
do so much harm to the world. But the stupid per-
son with good intentions is really far more serious
because he always wants to interfere with others.

Missionaries, for example, are a case in point. I
do not doubt that the missionaries sent out from these
countries have done much good among Central
African savages and people of that type. , But in
India, where any common labourer in the street