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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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knows more than a ^missionary knows ab^ut the
philosophy of religion, about all the greater and
higher ideas, ^ the missionary is ludicrously out of
place. His intentions are good enough, but he does a
very great deal of harm.  Many wars have been
caused by their very irrational methods; their
country has had to step in and save them from wRat
they call u martyrdom ". That is an example of the
way in which the man with good intentions may do
a very great deal of harm, and that is one of the
worst features of this superstition. In the case of the
Massacre of S. Bartholomew and other similar
atrocities of which I have spoken, the people who did
them thought they were doing God's workóbut it
was their religjous bigotry w^hich made it possible for
them to think that they were doing God service when
they did those terrible things.
So the Master says :

Be very careful therefore that no slightest trace of it
remains in you.

It is desirable to<be careful; the emphasis which is
laid upon it clearly shows that there is a danger that
we may be superstitious without knowing it, so that
it is well that we should watch.

These three great crimes you must avoid, for they are
fatal to all progress, because they sin against love.

You'see once more how prominent love is all
through this book. Well, that is the special line of our
Master Koot Hoomi, whose work the book really is.