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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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It is vary difficult for you to understand, I suppose,
exactly how the Masters, who contain within Them-
selves all the highest and the nobbiest qualities winch
you can imagine, can yet somehow have one more
than another. Our Master Morya, who represents to
us the First Ray, has for His greatest characteristic
Power. Yet it would be absolutely untrue to suppose
that He had any less of Love or Wisdom than any of
the other Masters. Our Master Koot Hoomi belongs
to the Second Ray, that of the Bodhisattva. Their
characteristic is Love, Wisdom and Compassion, and
yet we should be quite wrong in supposing Him to
have any less power than a Master on the First Ray.
There are differences, there are distinctions ; it is not
easy for us to understand. In the same way there
are distinctions of levels among Those Great Ones.
The Bodhisattva stands higher far than our Masters-
To us They appear all of glory so great that we
cannot venture to make any distinction among Them.
As it is said in the Christian Bible, <( One star differ-
eth from another star in glory," fcut it is not easy for
us to distinguish between them. They ap all Suns
of blinding light, and to us there seems no difference
between a great Angel and a Devaraja, yet one is a
whole kingdom, a whole evolution, above the other.
To us They are all simply great. The Solar
Logos must have greater power than all these that
are part of Him; we only know that it must be so.
It seems as though He Himself could be no more, and