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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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yet somehow He is. All possibilities of goodness, so

to speak are already there. It is not more goodness;

but greater power0; greater knowledge, I suppose.
Only the knowledge and power of the Master are so
much greater than ours that the whole thing is one
blinding glory ; but the distinction exists.

But not only must you thus refrain from evil; you must
be active in doing good. You must be so filled with the
intense desire of service that you are ever on the watch to
render it to all around you—not to man alone, but even to
animals and plants. You must render it in small things
every day, that the habit may be formed, so that you may not
miss the rare opportunity when the great thing offers itself
to be done.

That is a very important point—that the habit of
constant service may be formed, because you know
how habit will assert itself, even in the most unusual
surroundings, or in the greatest emergencies. Of
course that is the whole reason of the long and rather
painful drill through which you put your soldiers,—
not only that th^y may lAow exactly what to do
when certain orders are given, but that they may have
certain habits instinctively a's part of them. When a
man went into battle in the old days (I do not
know about modern French battles), in the old
kind of battle at any rate, and goes now he finds
himself in absolutely novel surroundings, under
conditions that may well try his courage. However
brave a man is, yet, because it is something entirely
beyond his experience, the whole thing is confusing