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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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beyond anything you can imagine. A man might
well be excused if he lost his head and went wrong,
but he has so ingrained in him^ the habit of doing
certain things, the habit of obeying certain orders,
that, even though he may lose his head, he obeys them
because of the habit -set up. You see how useful
that is in an emergency. In the same way we ought
to get into the habit of service. You might very often
miss the chance of helping some one unless you had
formed the habit of looking out keenly for it; but if
you have that habit you are not likely to miss many
opportunities. That is why we are to be on the

This remark about being active in doing good
is not directed in any way against^ those whose
activities are on other planes.  Such a remark as
that might be used, as I said before, against the
Contemplative Orders of monks and nuns, and indeed
against the Brahmana caste in India; but that would
be a wrong use.  The" theory of the Brahmana
caste in the old daysóit has absolutely departed from
it nowówas that the Brahmana was the leader of the
nation, and he was therefore supposed to devote all
his time to the performance of certain duties,
ceremonies and rites, which would benefit not only
himself but all the community. It was entirely for
that reason that the community supported him. The
other people, whose lives were taken up in ordinary
work and in making money, supported him because