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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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he was doing this spiritual work for them. The same

is the idea of^these Contemplative Orders. They also
depend on charity* There are in Catholic countries
Orders of monks and nuns whose whole time is taken
up in praying for the dead. Now that is sometimes
Spoken of, by reformers, as a shameful wastes of
time;—that is a different and a modern point
of view.  In the days when these arrangements

•were made it was recognised that the dead and the
giving were one community, and that those people, in
devoting their time to working for the dead, were
performing a far higher service to the community than
they would be, for example, by the growing of corn.
^Therefore the people received their living in charity,
0,nd were in no wise ashamed of it. Our modern
civilisation has become very individualistic, and to
t?eg is absolutely an offence against the law, at least
jti England; and if a beggar is an able-bodied

•person, he is regarded with a certain amount of scorn.
JE3ut those people who Hve<5 the spiritual life were

•v^orking for the community, and the food given to

•them was^simply a recognitioli of that, and those who
^•ave it felt themselves highly honoured to give it.
The whole conception then was entirely different ;

-there was no shame whatever attached to begging
for a living; in fact those who did it were the most
spiritual of the people, and they did it because they

•were bound by the vows of poverty, chastity and
oTbedience, The whole thing was quite different from