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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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anything to which we are accustomed. To condemn
th& people who live in that way is to make exactly
the same mistake as was made in the French


Revolution when they said that a philosopher or a
writer was a man living an absolutely idle and
useless life, that he ought to be breaking stones
upon the road.  That shows that they did not
Then He says:

For if you yearn to be one with God, it is not
for your own sake; it is that you may be a channel
through which His love may flow to reach your fellow

You see the whole idea of this book is to get
yourself into a certain attitude. It is not so much
to know as to be: that is, to live the Theosophical life;

to be filled with love for all and with an intense desire
to help evolution ; so that you are constantly watching,
so that, in point of fact, you forget yourself in the
service of others.  A fnan ma^ do that and yet
be in the most intense activity. If you ever saw a
surgeon perform a great operation, then'you have
seen how a man in the most intense activity, and
with the keenest use of brain and hand, can yet
be absolutely absorbed, not in himself, at all, but
in the work he is doing. Often that happens in
war too ; a man forgets himself utterly in the effort
to save a wounded compatriot, or to perform a great
deed of heroism, and so perhaps gains a Victoria