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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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Cross or something of the kind.  So the Master

For if you yearTi to be one with God, it is not for your
own sake; it is that you may be a channel through which His
love may flow to reach your fellow men.

It is not for yourself that you desire to rise, buffo
gain this greater power of service, to become one with
Him, so that you may work with Him. You must
be a channel, not a passive channel, but an active
channel. I know that the idea is beset with difficulty,
and yet if you try to grasp it I do believe it will help
you. The Logos is omnipotent in His system; He
pours out force at all levels in that system. We can-
not but suppose that He could flood the whole system
with that force at any level and to any extent that He
chose. As a matter of fact He does not do that.
The amount of force poured out on each level seems
to be a definite amount, and of a definite kind only,
and so it remains that we, who are sparks of His
fire, can do certain-things which the Great Flame of
which we are a part does not do. We cannot say
that He could not do it, but merely that He does not
apparently. He pours out at each level a certain
amount of force. It is within our power, by means of
intense devotion, by setting our will to work all along
with His Will, to draw down more force from higher
planes, to transmute and to send it out, to do work
which would not be done, as far as we can see, unless
we did it. Now we can only say that He does not do