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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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it, not that He cannot.  It would seem that He
depends on our co-operation. That, remember, is His
force, because there is no force wVch is not His. We
bring down the force, and with it we do apparently
what would not be done if we did not do it. So He
go&s on to express the same idea :

He who is on the Path exists not for himself, but for
others; he has forgotten himself, in order that he may
serve them.

Yet you know, only a little while ago in evolution
he was a very powerful separated self. That is how
he made so strong a centre, bat he has learnt to forget
that, in order that he may pour out love and help to
other men.                         ^

He is as a pen in the Hand of God, through
which His thought may flow, and find for itself an ex-
pression down here, which without a pen it could not

That is the same idea^you see, ^hat I was trying to
express to you. It would seem that He must have
calculated that at a certain stage of evolution He
would have many such pens through which He could
write. It would seem that He actually calculates
upon your work and mine as part of the Universeó
that God Himself, as a poet put it, "needs you
and me".  Well, it seems so.' He has made
us in order that we may help Him ; our help is
part of the Plan. That is a very grand idea, I