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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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f                                      ^

Then comes the final paragraph;

The wisdom which enables you to help,4he will which
directs the wisdom, the love which inspires the will—these
are your qualifications.

Note very specially and carefully " the wisdom
whidh. enables you to help ". You must have wisdom
if you want to help, otherwise you will make the mis-'
take which is so often made by those who are full of
good intentions and yet do not know how to apply
their goodwill. You need the wisdom before you
can really help. Then He says:

Will, Wisdom, and Love are the three aspects of the
Logos ; and you who wish to enroll yourselves to serve Him,
must show forth these three aspects in the world.

With these words ends this book. Tf is a very

remarkable and beautiful sentence that one; it would
be well for us all to try to remember that we must
have these three aspects, Will, Wisdom, and Love, and
we must try to show them forth to the world and live
as manifestations of Him. ^       ^

Then at the very end of the book, Just to finish it,
you get, you remember a little piece of poetry:

Waiting the word of the Master,

Watching- the Hidden Light;

Listening to catch Fits orders

In the very midst of the fight;

Seeing His slightest signal

Across the heads of the throng
Hearing His faintest whisper

Above earth's loudest song.