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inspiratory and expiratory movements and periods
during which the breath is held - with or without
closure of the glottis.

The preliminary instructions ~~ which vary with the

different systems — are usually                   as follows:

Do not practise on an empty                 or directly uftcr sat-

ing a heavy meal   Remove* tUI           clothing More             the

exercises.   Practise in the o|**n air cur brfurv aut           window.

While exercising, atawl twf . and hold the head iwrt, but not
too far back. Clasp the                          the twwk, an high tut

possible.   Lower them, If mvt^wiry, when
through the none.   (Many m*trucion»f however,
pupils to inhale through tk

The following exercise* may be               as           of

the average system in which                                 form

a prominent feature :

i/ Male through a          «*f a                                        the

Exhale through a period t*f a                                        the


2.  Inhale similarly              *             erf 4

Exhale similarly              a             of 4 wtMtl*.

3.  Inhale similarly through a j**riwd uf 6
Exhale similarly              a             cif 6

4.  Inhale similarly              a             df H wrtoiub*

Exhale similarly              a            «f K                  Etc., etc,

The time is of amrw ItiiTet^tl 1ft
till the maximum fH-ritnl I*               in which the* pupil

can inhale and exhale with a                                of