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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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speak is fitting when the stammerer evinces a tendency
to speak on an empty lung, as do most subjects
when physical stammering is much in evidence. But
the procedure will eliminate only one of the features
of physical stammering, and it is by no means the
panacea that it is usually represented to be.

The stammerer is often advised to take breath before
every difficult word  to stop short, inhale, and pro-
ceed. An English teacher of stammerers makes
reference to the expedient as follows:

"Now, I have found patients stumbling over this couplet
*many a time and oft/ and I have always stopped them in
their reading and asked them to make the KQ, sound detached
from all other sounds or contexts, and they have generally
managed to give it without serious trouble or difficulty; but
when they have gone back to Longfellow's lines, it has been a kind
of valley of rocks, a Diablerets to them, and they have stumbled
about in the most hopeless fashion, until I succeeded in making
them take breath immediately before the occurrence of the Ka
sounds. Like singers, who just before a musical peroration
which winds up with some high and long-sustained note, take
a full inspiration, so my stammering patients put them-
selves, as it were, into musical form, to insure elocutionary

The expedient of inhaling before difficult words is
employed by many elocutionists. It is, however, en-
tirely unnatural and has nothing to recommend it, 
except that it may, like any other measure, alleviate
stammering for a time by revoking secondary causes