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Full text of "Stamering And Cognate Defects Of Speech Vol - Ii"

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4*1                  *****               i

l iff If

til            jo iftft *f                            JM         Atfi             n

111 *4  *             **{! i*I

atp             m

||             ni HI           ft*                         *ff1 |*                      Jtft

tl        tij          fitti 'n             *| rn                l|.,,

wp? f                at|i | jfiw           ,ii|i inn

t/lff            *4                    ^1 **|

i *f if                                     4t(i                                        i "|^|*,feTt|f

*{             ttjt if                             MI                        .pft w^i

'^i                                   **           JMIK {|                    | |i,l| ^(IM '

'JV*i                       *ji^f4|^                     jr *.\ J{v |tt u'%j*4^|4*j|i Jip

Jl||   MlHtUiit?   ^|1           at|4fif|C4%J |r* ^iWf^/4

rfffl                             *ttmtwp3 Jlfi IM ft |f                     Iff ^r^'|

in *H{             si jj *              {4ir                      i|

it if         '%iki^ |ti %i|i*if nj                  Hi               | i^wi

If                  l(Ht!%   |   1*   J|{1

Xj                 4*j (*{(*"*{ it j<                                                             *{

ii^tirififi,* 4t|j<(     ^11*^1^1 <tf             %'i* ,i*ln* t ^ |.ij tk jrt'st?

Jf|i   Jt*  ,l1'l^1*l|                  *l|||                       |tjftUM l*|   **V

aijl                f*tt?                 |* t *tf ot|i tilM

;fMo||o) %i?              *wi

A|                 j                  |i              .tqj,

It              v

**!ML   ^f'^^t^                                             Hi ^i^j^fitu

J|M               |1{P                           ^AII V

JO                   t1l{|